June 2, 2023
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WWE legend Rey Mysterio has responded to the rumous about dating Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, admitting ‘he’s a big fan’ of the American actress.

The two-time World Heavyweight Champion revealed the truth about his relationship with Aniston, who rose to international fame for her role as Rachel Green in hit sitcom Friends, saying “she was also a fan of mine.”

There were rumours that Aniston and Mysterio had a relationship with one another back in the late 1990s. However, the wrestler rubbished the claims while speaking to Logan Paul. 

Mysterio weighed in on quotes from an interview in National Enquirer from 1997, denouncing the claims and revealing how long the pair were really together in conversation with Paul.

The wrestler, who never takes his mask off except for a brief period in WCW, was alleged to have said: “She’s been to four of my matches and we’ve become good friends. She told me she loves my wrestling. I always wear my mask — ALWAYS!! It’s a big tradition in Mexico, my native country. But I broke tradition when I met Jennifer. I actually let her see me without my mask backstage.

He was quoted: “I’ve never done that for any of my fans. She really got a kick out of it. We talked for some time and exchanged home phone numbers.”

But he was recently questioned in an appearance on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, where the truth behind the relationship was finally revealed, according to LADBible.

Mysterio’s seemingly fabricated quotes were addressed by the man himself in his autobiography. When asked how long he and Aniston had actually been dating, the Royal Rumble winner responded as saying  “about a week”, adding he told his wife at the time who found it quite “funny”.

Writing in his autobiography, Behind the Mask, Rey wrote: “I even showed the story to my wife — best coming from me, no? “

“The locker room got on me for it. I’m lucky Photoshopped pictures of me and Jennifer didn’t appear on television somewhere.”

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