December 5, 2023
What is Stock Photography ?

What is Stock Photography ?

What is Stock Photography ?

Stock photography is a collection of pre-existing photographs that are licensed for specific uses. These photos are taken by professional photographers and made available for licensing through various stock photo agencies.

Stock photos are used by businesses, marketers, and designers in a variety of applications, such as advertising, web design, and print media.

Stock photography is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a photographer to shoot custom photos. Instead of paying for a photographer’s time and expenses, businesses and individuals can license a pre-existing image from a stock photo agency.

Stock photography agencies typically offer a range of licensing options, including single-use licenses and extended licenses, which allow for more widespread and long-term use of the image.

Overall, stock photography provides a convenient and affordable way for businesses and individuals to access high-quality, professional photographs for their marketing and creative projects.

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