December 6, 2023
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Victoria Beckham is emulating Kris Jenner as she assumes control of her entire family, particularly her son Cruz Beckham’s budding music career, according to rumors

According to a source who spoke to Heat Magazine, the fashion designer does not want her 18-year-old son to make the same mistakes in his career as his older brother Brooklyn Beckham.

Vic has been holding back Cruz for years out of concern that he would be eaten alive by the business. Vic will stop at nothing to safeguard her children, the insider claimed. She is now ready to let him to begin pursuing his own profession, but only with close supervision.

Since he was about five years old, Vic has struggled to fulfill his dream of being a music star, the source continued. She is aware firsthand of the absurdity of the music business and the impact celebrity has on young people.

When he was “desperate” to be the next Justin Bieber at age 11, Victoria and David Beckham stopped him because they were concerned he was too young to withstand the pressure of being in the spotlight.

The insider added that now that Cruz has reached the legal age to pursue his career as he pleases, “Vic is trying to be as involved as she can.” “They told him that when he was 18 he could do what he wanted, and they’ve kept to that,” the insider claimed.

Cruz’s friends in the music business are telling him it wouldn’t be the worst thing to utilize his family connections to his benefit, even though he “might not be too keen on having his mum involved.”

He can see the routes taken by his older brothers, Brooklyn taking the influencer/fame road and Romeo taking the sport way, and he now realizes that his parents are speaking from experience. On his own career, he has put so much effort.

This is a guy moving into the music scene with confidence and his own fan following, the insider stated before drawing a conclusion. Because he has gained the respect of so many professionals in the business, no one will be able to label him a nepotistic infant.

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