December 6, 2023
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Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian reportedly use their “unlikely bond” to get help in expanding their respective businesses.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, a source shared insight into the friendship between the fashion designer and the reality TV megastar.

“Many people expected them to be rivals – they’re both A-listers with their own fashion brands – but Kim and Victoria are more similar than you might imagine,” the insider told the outlet.

The duo said to be “relying” on each other for advice when it comes to their businesses as Kim see Victoria as someone who can help her “make inroads in the fashion world to expand.”

Meanwhile, the wife of former football legend, David Beckham, eyes The Kardashian star’s name in the beauty world and wants to seek her help to make her daughter Harper Seven’s career.

“They’ve been talking a lot recently and have come to really rely on each other for advice – they totally have each other’s backs,” the insider said,

“There’s not a lot of people out there who VB admires, but Kim and Kris Jenner are top of the list for their business acumen.

“And it’s mutual – Kim is obsessed with Victoria and sees her very much as the one of the few people she would take advice from in this industry,” the insider added.

“Vic is a hustler who has built an amazing family brand, coming from a pop group and using her fame as a launch pad. Then, with discipline and canny understanding of marketing, she built her brand up, carefully controlling its image,” the source continued. 

“Kim’s journey is similar, and while she has achieved greater levels of wealth than Vic, she’s had the same struggles – both are parents, who have to juggle a lot and are also very close to their mums.”

Speaking of Victoria’s future plans, the insider said, “Vic’s planning a teenage make-up line fronted by Harper – she wants her daughter to be a household name in the US and knows Kim can open doors.”

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