December 5, 2023
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British singer Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour was so famous she might have aliens in on the act as she attracted massive audience at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium in Florida at the end of last week.

A lots of Floridians enjoyed the concert even outside the stadium, where they whipped out phones to document strange activity in the sky during Swift’s performance on the stage. Some even started shouting that “aliens are coming to join Swift.”  

Of course, it’s totally funny now, but there’s a panic in the voice of one concerned resident, who posted a video to TikTok, showing a wide band of lights shifting across a cloudy sky. Ya gotta see it … she repeatedly screams, “Bro, what the f***???”

Almost all the sky gazers were aware of the Swift’s show nearby that night … but they’re completely convinced the lights in question are not from her concert, and instead something otherworldly.

At one point, a woman in the video can be seen exclaiming: “That is not Taylor Swift!”

Oh yes! the lights of Swift consertwere mistaken as UFOs. The lighting effect they were staring at was 100% from her show, but with all the recent UFO buzz.

Undoubtedly, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has won mass praise from critics and fans alike in the weeks since it started, securing her position as one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

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