December 4, 2023
Mohbad: Oyo radio bans Naira Marley songs

The circumstances behind the death of Nigerian musician Mohbad would finally be revealed on October 13 according to Femi Felani.

Femi Felani a well-known Nigerian Lawyer and one of the front-runners of #JusticeforMohbad made this known officially and urged his fans and followers to wait till that day to know the cause of death.

Mohbad suddenly passed away on September 12, which shocked people because he was never sick or had any problem known to the public. 

What even raised more concern was that he was buried the next day without being given a proper befitting burial. 

Days later, the Nigerian Police Force exhumed his body from where it was buried and conducted an autopsy on his body to know the cause of death and finally put the case to rest.

The police service on their official Twitter announced that they were done with the autopsy and would share the details with the public at the right time. 

Well, as Nigerians eagerly await the results that could solve the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s untimely demise, this discovery renewed their sense of suspense and urgency.

Femi Falani’s words have given Nigerians who have been vehemently demanding answers and closure a glimmer of hope.


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