December 4, 2023
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Taylor Swift, who is currently treating her fans known as Swifties, with back-to-back hit concerts amid Eras Tour, seemingly experienced her first onstage mishap since the tour began a month ago.

Swift’s iconic stage dive stunt went wrong when she missed the exact mark where she was supposed to leap.

From a footage obtained by ET, which appears to be taken from the Anti-Herosinger’s April 13th show, it can be seen that she missed the mark that leads to her now-popular stage dive.

In a rare video clip that was shared by a fan on Twitter, the Midnights hitmaker can be seen looking confused after a big splash sound played when she was still far from the door dug in the stage floor, that she dives into.

Swift then went closer to the set piece and seemingly signaled someone that she was ready before taking her dive.

Because of a very short duration of the viral video, it is unclear what caused the confusion.

However, some fans think that the crew mixed up the cue, with one Swiftie pointing out that the stage door didn’t open until she was much closer.

Anyhow, the singer handled the situation quite like a pro and did not fail to impress her fans with the stunt afterwards.

This epic video clip came shortly after, when she resumed her tour on Thursday, following the reports of her break up with boyfriend of six years Joe Alwyn.

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