December 4, 2023
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Taylor Swift has been insinuating a calm and peaceful vibe ever since she started seeing Travis Kelce.

Following claims that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end had been spotted slipping into the hitmaker’s New York City flat, the Lover hitmaker has reportedly found “inner peace” despite the romance rumours.

Swift, however, was sighted out and about with her friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds before Travis was spotted in New York City. 

She also had a “calm and peaceful” aura while rushing around in an autumnal dress, as shown in photos by Page Six.

“Taylor’s body language in her photos from 30 September 2023 show her to be calm and peaceful,” it has been disclosed exclusively to The Mirror by a well-known body language expert. 

According to celebrity psychic and body language specialist Inbaal Honigman, the singer is currently “happy” with her life.

“There are several clear signs that the hitmaker is not even a little bit stressed during her outing with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and her facial expression is the first indicator of her inner peace,” the body language expert revealed. She elaborated by saying: “If a person is tense or uneasy, their lips would be pressed together tightly.”

Inbaal continued: “Sometimes, when people are stressed, they bite both of their lips, giving them the appearance of having no lips at all. In Taylor’s case, her lips appear full and soft, lightly parted. This is the expression of someone who is confident, calm and secure.”


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