December 6, 2023
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Nashville celebrated American artist Taylor Swift’s return to her hometown by dedicating a park bench to her. The mayor John Cooper issued a proclamation for her as well:

“Over the last several months, cities nationwide have been welcoming Taylor Swift into their backyards, but here in Nashville, we have the distinct honor of being able to welcome her back to her own.”

The park that they dedicated to the artist is placed in Centennial Park with the plaque featuring the words: “For Taylor Swift. A bench for you to read on Centennial Park. Welcome home, Nashville.”

The words are a reference to the lyrics on her song Invisible String from Folklore that goes: “Green was the color of the grass/Where I used to read at Centennial Park/I used to think I would meet somebody there.”

The mayor further added: “This honorary bench in Centennial Park is more than simply a place to sit. It is a monument to Nashville and Taylor Swift’s long-standing relationship, and a reminder that she is always welcome back home.”

The CEO of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, Butch Spyridon also commented on her return: “Nashville will always be home for Taylor in our eyes. We know all too well the significant role she has played elevating our Music City brand as a songwriter, artist and global superstar, and welcoming her back in an only-in-Nashville way is an honor.”

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