December 6, 2023
img 8635 presents to you a new music video by Steve Lacy for his song “Mercury”.

Steve Lacy has released his new track “Mercury” with an accompanying music video. From his forthcoming album Gemini Rights, the new track marks Lacy’s first new single since 2019.

Blending 60s Brazilian bossa nova and 70s funk styles, the new track was written and produced completely by the Compton-born musician. “Gemini/I’m a myth and I’m a legend/ Whom never wins/And might not ever play again/Keep falling in (Keep falling in, yeah)/Love so fast and back out again/Speeding/When I should ease it,” sings Lacy in the first verse.

The accompanying music video shows Lacy moving around a fenced-in square inside of a warehouse wearing a white shirt with an S on the front and a red target on the back, black pants and black leather boots. By the end of the video, Lacy’s clothes are in tatters, presumably done by a dog that appears at the video’s end.

Marking his sophomore album, Lacy’s Gemini Rights is set to release sometime this summer. Check out the video and Lacy’s new track above.

watch and enjoy the video below:


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