September 27, 2023
Pedro Pascal opens up about using signature pose to deal with anxiety

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biography of pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal, star of ‘The Last of Us,’ recently revealed why he keeps his hand on his torso in nearly all of his red-carpet images.

The actor revealed the explanation for his iconic pose while attending an event with ‘The Last of Us’ co-star Bella Ramsey.

While posing for shots, actress Bella Ramsey noticed Pascal’s habit of resting his left hand on his torso and imitated the move. Pedro Pascal then explained that he positions his hand in this manner because his nervousness emerges in that location.

“You know why?” he says, taking a deep breath. “It’s because my anxiety is right here.” The young actress simply responds by leaning in for hug and nodding in comprehension.

Biography of Pedro Pascal

Pascal has been doing this position for years, as evidenced by photos taken at the last Met Gala. Accepting anxiety, as Pascal appears to be doing, is a good approach to deal, according to experts.

Previously, it was claimed that Pedro Pascal will take a break from ‘The Last of Us’ to star in the upcoming Gladiators sequel for Paramount.

The character he will play in the Ridley Scott picture has not yet been revealed, but the film will follow the original storyline of Gladiator, which won five Oscars, including Best Picture, and starred Russel Crowe and Jaoquin Phoenix.

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