December 4, 2023
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In the latest episode of The Kardashians, North West doesn’t hold back when it comes to her mother Kim Kardashian’s cooking abilities. 

The mother-daughter duo spent some quality time together in their kitchen. This new episode, available on Disney+ in the UK, captures Kim, aged 43, and her eldest child, 10-year-old North, sharing moments as they cook a meal for their family.

Kim – who shares her four children with her ex-husband Kanye West – was said to have been late for the activity, which left some time for North to speak to a producer about her. She teased over her mother’s cooking abilities.

The producer asked: “Can your mom cook?” Kim, who was heading towards the kitchen from elsewhere in her home, was heard saying: “Something smells good already.” Responding to the producer, North commented: “Heck no.”

Addressing her mother as she entered the room, North said: “Someone is late!” Kim however said that she hadn’t been aware that her daughter had returned from being out shopping, before discussing the activity in a confessional.

She told viewers in the confessional: “After talking to [my eldest sister] Kourtney [Kardashian], she really encouraged me to small things with my kids like one-on-one cooking stuff. Whatever the kids wanna do and North loves to cook.”

Kim went on to discuss her eldest child in a confessional, sharing on the latest episode amid the scene of them spending time together at home: “North is really special, and smart, and creative.” Kim added: “And definitely beats to her own drum. Like her personality is really, really silly.”

The new season of The Kardashians airs on Disney+ in the UK. New episodes are released weekly on Thursdays. Fans can catch up on previous episodes of the show – which airs on Hulu in the US – through the streaming platform now.

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