December 6, 2023
Mofaca Graduation Show
Mofaca Graduation Show 2022

The best fashion institution is Morrez Fashion Academy, where you can display your talent or flaunt your amazing hands. Everyone may improve their capacity to demonstrate their skills in the fashion sector thanks to Morrez Fashion.

Each individual is assisted by Mofaca Graduate in showcasing their special gift. Unique minds and styles are necessary for creativity, but who will assist you market your skills?
The response to the query is Morrez Fashion Academy.

This year, Mofaca Graduate will be on display.
Graduation, a fashion show, and industry networking are all events that Morrez Fashion Academy will be hosting.

If you want to develop your fashion talent, go no further than the greatest fashion academy in Ghana.
On October 29, 2022, the Morrez Fashion will host the Mofaca Graduation Show-22 at Tantra Hill, next to Aneeja Hospital-Accra.

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