September 23, 2023
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Meghan Markle will reportedly attend this year’s Met Gala along with Kim Kardashian, who was previously rumoured to have been banned from the fashion extravaganza.

Speaking to The Mirror, a celebrity PR expert said that having the “two controversial celebrities” will “guarantee attention” to the prestigious red carpet event.

“Kim is famous for being famous and a controversial figure, and so is Meghan,” Matt Yanofsky said. “It makes sense Vogue would invite two controversial celebrities.”

“They guarantee press attention, which guarantees eyeballs, which guarantees advertisers money,” he added. “It may be classy, but it’s still all about the Benjamins at the end of the day.”

The Kardashians star made headlines after she walked the red carpet wearing the iconic gold dress once worn by Marilyn Monroe at last year’s ceremony.

Yanofsky claimed that this year will be no different as the reality TV megastar is expected to steal the spotlight again with her attire.

“Kim Kardashian specialises in getting attention for herself. You can bet she will create a splash on the red carpet,” he said.

Dishing on Vogue editor, Anna Wintour’s decision to invite celebrities such as Kim and Meghan, the PR guru said, “Vogue is a high-end, prestige outlet, but prestige doesn’t guarantee news coverage.”

“When Anna Wintour first took over Vogue in the eighties, she famously broke from tradition and put celebs on the cover because she knew it would create attention.

“Wintour invites celebrities to the Met Gala for the same reason: She wants attention for her product (in this case, the Met Gala), so Vogue can charge a premium to advertisers who sponsor their live stream of the Gala.”

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