December 6, 2023
Lukwize & Luckshow PLAY | New Music presents to you Play performed by Lukwize and Luckshow. presents to you Play performed by Lukwize and Luckshow.

Play is an expression inspired by a folktale song in Ogoniland.

Once, in the old days there lived a family, the father, mother, and their son and daughter,

One day the parents went to the farm and asked their children (Son/Daughter) To crack palm kernels while they are at home for the holiday.

The Boy obeyed and completed his task as instructed by their parents while the Girl disobeyed and went outing with some boys. when their parents returned from the farm, they asked who cracked the kernels in the bowl.

The Girl Answered; “I did” immediately the Boy objected to her that he actually did crack the kernels.

To resolve the issue they were both taken to the spring water (mùù) And they sang: (mùake mùake bè mgè zor gbo pagbala va bona birabil…)

At the end of the song, the guilty one will be drowned by the Springwater (Mùù) and the other vindicated. Relating that to our present-day, intimate affairs where both parties cheat on each other and still deny it straight face;

Lukwize and Luckshow have managed to lure their perpetrators to this spirited water, through this melodious, Amapiano Groove.

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