September 27, 2023
Love Injection - Who Own It | New Music
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Love Injection, the Liberian musician known for his eclectic sound and thought-provoking lyrics, is set to release their highly anticipated single, “Who Own It.” This latest offering is a soul-stirring composition that delves into the complexities of love and the notion of ownership within relationships. 

“Who Own It” is an introspective and captivating piece that showcases Love Injection’s innovative approach to music. Fusing elements of funk, R&B, and electronic sounds, the duo creates a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the profound themes explored in the lyrics. With their unique blend of genres and thought-provoking storytelling, Love Injection continues to push the boundaries of contemporary music.

The lyrics of “Who Own It” delve deep into the intricate dynamics of relationships, challenging the conventional notions of possession and control. Love Injection invites listeners to question the idea of ownership within love, highlighting the importance of freedom, trust, and mutual respect. Through their heartfelt and relatable lyrics, the duo aims to provoke meaningful conversations and introspection, encouraging listeners to explore the true essence of love.

Building on his previous successes, Love Injection has garnered a loyal and growing fanbase that appreciates their thought-provoking compositions and genre-defying style. With “Who Own It,” the duo once again demonstrates their commitment to artistic innovation, ensuring that their music remains a powerful platform for self-reflection and societal discourse.

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Coming from SM record, the fast rising act is keen on winning fans across the globe with his style of music.

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