December 5, 2023
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Two days after it was confirmed that Prince Harry would be attending his coronation, King Charles mentioned his younger son in a public speech.

According to, the king spoke of his immense pride in his two sons, as he oversaw military cadets finishing their training.

The British monarch attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the 200th Sovereign’s Parade, to see more than 170 cadets who have undergone training to become army officers.

The King said, as he addressed the crowd, that “as a father of two alumni of this academy” and he knew the “immense pride” they would be feeling.

The UK’s Daily Express newspaper described his remarks as a major olive branch extended to Harry by his father.

The Duke of Duchess of Sussex would attend his coronation while his wife Meghan Markle would stay in California with the couple’s children.

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