December 4, 2023
Kevin Hart is asking why he is trending

Kevin Hart, an actor and comedian, is unaware of his social media trending status. Netizens frequently find it difficult to understand why something is popular, but it becomes even more perplexing when you are the trend.

And Kevin Hart was interested in learning that.

“Can somebody tell me why I am trending ….I got endless memes being sent to my damn phone from a bunch of my dumbass friends”, Hart tweeted.

Whether or not Hart knew why he was popular, the comedian definitely enjoyed the attention. Throughout the course of a day on Twitter, there were more than 40k tweets on Hart. He tweeted the meme he liked the most out of all those made about the comic, adding, “This f***ing destroyed me.”

Recently, Hard announced a global comedy tour that would begin on March 19 in Honolulu, Hawaii, go as far as New Zealand, and conclude on June 10 in Gary, Indiana.

An American actor and comedian by the name of Kevin Darnell Hart. He began his career as a stand-up comedian but has subsequently been in Hollywood movies and on television. Other well-received comedy albums were also issued by him.


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