December 3, 2023
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Afia Schwar, a contentious comedian, allegedly said she prayed for Mzbel’s father to pass away.

Once the two former friends’ friendship broke down, Mzbel and Afia Schwar had been the worst of foes for a while. The two have never stopped firing insults at one another whenever they get the chance.

Afia Schwar said in a recent video that she had prayed for the demise of Mzbel’s father. Afia claims that he visited the Lashibi funeral homes to pray and call on cemetery ghosts to murder Mzbel’s father.

Afia Schwar claims that Mzbel made fun of her after her father passed away over a year ago, which is what prompted her acts.

Remember how Mzbel made fun of Afia Schwar after her father passed away? She appropriated Afia Schwar’s catchphrase “Dada dawa si,” one of her most popular phrases, to make fun of her.

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