December 4, 2023
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FIFA has stepped in decisively regarding the ongoing dispute involving Hearts of Oak, imposing a transfer ban on the club due to their failure to settle an outstanding debt of $14,002 owed to former coach Slavko Matic.

The international football governing body has also called upon the Ghana Football Association to enforce this ban at the national level, intensifying the repercussions for Hearts of Oak.

The root of this controversy traces back to March 2023 when Serbian coach Slavko Matic was abruptly relieved of his duties. His dismissal occurred amidst a tumultuous backdrop, with enraged supporters confronting him during a training session.

Following these events, Matic lodged a formal complaint with the Ghana Police, expressing concerns for his personal safety. In response, Hearts of Oak conveyed their inability to ensure the coach’s security.

In light of these developments, Matic escalated the matter to FIFA, resulting in a verdict issued in July of the same year. FIFA ruled in favor of Matic, ordering Hearts of Oak to compensate their former coach with the sum of $14,002 for the breach of his contract.

Regrettably, Hearts of Oak has not adhered to FIFA’s directive, prompting the international body to impose the transfer ban as a punitive measure. This embargo, which is already in effect, restricts the club from registering new players until they fulfill their financial obligations to Matic.

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