September 23, 2023
Free Spotify Playlist Placement

Free Spotify Playlist Placement


Free Spotify Playlist Placement

NiiNana Digital and Media Services is keen on helping new brands to grow as their projects are promoted across the world.

Submit Your Song For Free Spotify Playlist Placement

There are many platforms on which artiste upload their songs or videos in order for their fans to enjoy. By so doing, they the artiste also earn some funds that will assist them to develop their various brands.

iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Boomplay, Deezer and others are all available to help artiste make money from their songs.

If you have less followers or listeners as an artiste, the best way to get streams unto your song is to put it into playlists.

Free Spotify Playlist Placement

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There are curators that has playlists that can give you a number of streams daily.

NiiNana Digital and Media Services will add your song to a playlist rotation on Spotify once submitted. Leave your links in the comment section or email us via


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