September 27, 2023
Drama T Itamporize video
Advertisements presents to Drama T Itamporize video.

Drama T stops at nothing as He has once more released the smash tune titled ITAMPORIZE.

Fans of this song are going crazy as it quickly gained popularity. The African notable tried his absolute best with this submission. Drama T has ensured the success of this song.

He obviously put a lot of thought into the lyrics. A song called ITAMPORIZE causes your body to tremble without your knowledge. The song comes along with a music video.

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Cause of your loveee

Sinkiri rasta namba

sinkiri gangsta namba

sinkiri playboy namba

cause of your love

sinkiri rasta namba

sinkiri gangsta namba

sinkiri i bandit namba

izi BMW (nzoziguhonga)

Nkuber idame (nkurinde gusonza) Ntiwirushe ndahari i Tamporize

I tamporize ama cash (nzoyaguhonga) vacance mubu dagi (nzoziguhonga) ntiwirushe i Tamporize (nzokujana ni chanze lyse)

Watch and enjoy the video below:


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