December 6, 2023
Don Toliver Private Landing (feat. Justin Bieber & Future) presents to you Private Landing by Don Toliver ft Justin Bieber & Future.

American rapper, Don Toliver releases a new single titled “Private Landing” featuring Future and Justin Bieber.

Private Landing” is a smooth and groovy song that showcases Don Toliver’s signature style of blending R&B, trap, and psychedelic sounds.

Future and Justin Bieber also contributed their unique styles to the song, making it the favorite of their fans.

The production of the song is credited to a team of talented producers, including 206DEREK, Cardo, Omar Guetfa, and Rob Bisel.

The instrumental is a mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, with a mellow beat and dreamy synths that create a laid-back atmosphere.

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Overall, “Private Landing” is a great addition to Don Toliver’s discography and a promising preview of what’s to come in “Love Sick”.

Stream and enjoy the song below:


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