December 4, 2023
Ding Dong Bup Bup Bup (Official Video) presents to you the official video for Ding Dong Bup Bup Bup.

Ding Dong has released another another uptempo song this year. He is one of the few artists who will keep you engaged and moving no matter what is happening. He presents the music video for the song “Bup Bup Bup” this time.

In this Xtreme Arts-directed film, Ding Dong and his Ravers Clavers shine like champs. Ding Dong declares he’s come to bup them in the head with nothing but style, drive, success, and hits, feeling like Michael Jordan in the championships. Avoid getting Ding on your bad side; you might not be able to turn things around.

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After a few decades, “World Ding” has been moving up the ladder and entered a number of markets that will guarantee the success of his team and him. For their head tops, more dances and hits!

Watch and enjoy the video below:


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