September 27, 2023
Craig Russell of 'Cleopatra' alleges he endured life-threatening brain tumor surgery.

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Craig Russell, the English actor from the upcoming Netflix documentary Cleopatra, disclosed that he had to endure extensive surgery for a brain tumor after filming for the episode. His physicians informed him that he might not have survived the surgery.

The actor, who plays Marc Antony in the documentary, spoke up about the health scare. Although he felt fine during the show’s production, by the end of the year he was suffering from migraines, hearing loss, and failing vision.

He explained to The Mirror: “Just before Christmas, I walked into the spare room and I couldn’t ­remember how to get out. There was only one door, it wasn’t as if I had multiple exits to choose from.”

When he went in for a CT scan, it was discovered that he had a brain tumor the size of a lime that had been growing for around 15 years. His physicians informed him that the tumor needed to be removed promptly and that he was going blind in his left eye.

“I got a call to say: ‘We need to get this out ASAP’. It was totally unexpected. I was very teary when I told my wife, Kate – and that they didn’t know if it was cancerous or not. But she was amazing, saying, ‘we will win this.'”

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