September 23, 2023
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Musician Nick Lee who worked with BTS member Jimin on his new song called out unwarranted criticism of the track. On March 14th, Jimin released the gorgeous music video and pre-release song Let Me Free Pt. 2.

The song became wildly popular right once, dominating major charts and iTunes charts in more than 100 different nations. Not many fans, though, agreed with the decisions made in the song’s production, and they voiced their opinions online.

One of these fans stated their dislike for the instrumentals’ use of brass and choir sounds. They asserted that the brass sounds were artificial by comparing the choir and brass to the noises they used to play on their childhood keyboard.

They remarked that the music sounded “cheap” as a result of these production decisions.

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Following that, Nick shared a happy Instagram post that included the screenshot as one of the photographs. “Let me free pt. 2 by Jimin of @bts.bighitofficial AVAILABLE NOW!! “, he said in the caption. I did additional production & (real) horns on it. thank u so much Jimin and @pdogg428 for making an amazing song and letting me be a part.”

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