December 6, 2023
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Brooklyn Beckham revealed that he can’t understand why Nicola Peltz got married to him and that he thinks she is “too good” for him.

In a Cosmopolitan interview, the wannabe chef gushed about the Transformers actress and admitted that he frequently wonders why she is with him.

“Everyday I’m trying to figure out why she’s with me,” the eldest son of former football legend David Beckham and Victoria Beckham said as per Daily Record.

To this, Nicola interrupted him, saying, “No, don’t say that. That’s sad, I love you,” but Brooklyn continued, “She’s too good for me.”

In the joint interview, Nicola went on to reveal what she loved about Brooklyn. “I really appreciate his support. Brooklyn is always happy,” she said.

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“Being around someone who always has nice energy and looks at things positively, when you’re around them all the time sometimes you expect it and then you go away for a little bit and you’re like, ‘Wow I really miss that feeling.'”

The rich heiress said during the interview that she and Brooklyn occasionally have “disagreements” like other couples do.

Every partnership experiences conflict. No marriage is perfect. And it’s unavoidable to have disputes when you’re that close to someone and they know everything about you, she continued.

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