December 5, 2023
Best AI Tools for Sound Engineers

Best AI Tools for Sound Engineers

Best AI Tools for Sound Engineers

AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools refer to software applications and platforms that use machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other AI techniques to automate or optimize various tasks, processes, or decisions.

AI tools are software programs or platforms that utilize artificial intelligence techniques, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, to automate tasks, analyze data, and make predictions or recommendations. These tools are designed to perform various functions, from data processing and analysis to language translation and image recognition. Some common examples of AI tools include chatbots, recommendation engines, speech recognition software, and virtual assistants. AI tools can be used across many industries, such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and manufacturing, to improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

There are several AI tools that can be useful for sound engineers. Here are some of the best ones:

1. iZotope RX 8

iZotope RX 8 is a powerful audio editing software designed for music production, audio post-production, and restoration. It includes a range of features and tools for editing, repairing, and enhancing audio, making it a popular choice among professionals in the audio industry.

Some of the key features of iZotope RX 8 include spectral editing, which allows you to isolate and manipulate individual frequencies in audio recordings, and tools for removing unwanted noise, clicks, pops, and other audio artifacts. It also includes tools for repairing and restoring audio recordings, such as the De-clip, De-click, and De-hum modules.

iZotope RX 8 is available in several different versions, including RX 8 Standard, RX 8 Advanced, and RX 8 Elements. The different versions offer varying levels of functionality and features to meet the needs of different users and workflows.

iZotope RX 8 is a powerful tool for audio editing and restoration, and is widely used by professionals in the audio industry.

2. Waves OVox

Waves OVox

Waves OVox is a vocal effects plugin that allows you to manipulate and transform vocal performances. It uses Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology to analyze the incoming audio signal and create a model of the vocal performance. This model can then be manipulated in various ways to achieve a wide range of effects, such as pitch shifting, formant shifting, harmonizing, and vocoding.

OVox also includes a built-in MIDI generator that allows you to use MIDI input to trigger and control the plugin’s parameters. This can be useful for creating complex vocal harmonies and other effects.

It is a powerful tool for creative vocal processing, and it can be used in a wide range of genres and musical styles.

3. Celemony Melodyne

Celemony Melodyne is a software application that is used for pitch correction, pitch shifting, and time stretching of audio recordings. It is designed to allow users to edit the pitch, timing, and other aspects of recorded audio, including polyphonic instruments and vocal recordings.

Melodyne uses a unique approach to pitch correction and manipulation, allowing for very precise and natural-sounding results. Rather than simply shifting the pitch up or down, Melodyne analyzes the audio signal and breaks it down into individual notes, which can then be adjusted as needed. This allows for corrections to be made to specific notes or phrases within a recording without affecting the rest of the performance.

Melodyne is commonly used by musicians, producers, and audio engineers in the recording studio, as well as in live performance settings. It is available in several versions, including a standalone application as well as plugins for popular digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton Live.

4. Sonnox Oxford Envolution

Sonnox Oxford Envolution is a dynamic frequency-dependent envelope shaper plugin developed by Sonnox, a UK-based audio software company. The plugin allows you to modify the transient and sustain characteristics of any sound in a very detailed and precise way.

With Envolution, you can sculpt the envelope of your audio in a variety of ways, including boosting or attenuating specific frequency ranges, changing the attack and release times of the transient, and adjusting the sustain levels and slopes. This can be particularly useful for shaping the character of drums, percussion, and other rhythmic elements in your mix, as well as for taming harsh or resonant frequencies in any sound.

The plugin offers a wide range of controls, including a graphical display of the envelope shape, as well as advanced features like sidechain input, mid-side processing, and multiple filter types. It is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats and can be used in a variety of DAWs and audio editing software.

Sonnox Oxford Envolution is a powerful and versatile tool for sound designers, mix engineers, and music producers looking to add precision and control to their audio processing workflow.

5. Accusonus ERA Bundle

Accusonus ERA Bundle is a collection of audio repair plugins designed to make audio post-production and restoration tasks easier and faster. The bundle includes a range of plugins that can be used to remove noise, reverb, and other unwanted artifacts from audio recordings.

Some of the plugins included in the bundle are:

  1. ERA Noise Remover – Removes background noise from audio recordings
  2. ERA Reverb Remover – Removes unwanted reverb from recordings
  3. ERA De-Esser – Reduces excessive sibilance in recordings
  4. ERA Plosive Remover – Removes plosives (popping sounds) from recordings
  5. ERA Voice Leveler – Balances out the volume level of dialogue in recordings
  6. ERA De-Clipper – Restores clipped audio recordings
  7. ERA De-Clicker – Removes clicks and pops from audio recordings
  8. ERA De-Crackle – Removes crackle and other types of noise from vinyl and other recordings.

The Accusonus ERA Bundle is available in both Standard and Pro versions, with the Pro version offering additional features and more advanced processing algorithms. The bundle is compatible with all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and can be used on both Windows and macOS operating systems.

6. Soundtheory Gullfoss

Soundtheory Gullfoss is a digital audio plugin designed to automatically equalize and dynamically shape the frequency response of audio signals. It uses a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the input signal in real-time and applies processing to balance out any frequency imbalances and enhance the clarity and detail of the sound.

Gullfoss can be used in a variety of applications, such as mixing and mastering music, post-production for film and video, and broadcast and streaming. It is compatible with most major digital audio workstations (DAWs) and operates as a VST, AU, or AAX plugin.

Some of the key features of Gullfoss include a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, adaptive and intelligent processing that adapts to the characteristics of the input signal, and the ability to preserve the natural character of the original sound while improving its overall quality.

Gullfoss is a powerful tool for audio engineers and producers looking to enhance the quality of their recordings and mixes, and it has received praise from professionals in the industry for its innovative approach to dynamic equalization.

7. Auphonic

Auphonic is an online audio and video processing service that offers automated post-production of audio and video files. The service is designed to improve the sound quality of recordings by reducing noise, normalizing volume levels, and removing background hum or hiss.

Auphonic supports a wide range of file formats and can process audio and video files from a variety of sources including podcasts, webinars, and conference recordings. The service can also create and apply automatic metadata and chapter marks to audio files.

In addition to its automated processing features, Auphonic also offers a web-based user interface that allows users to manually adjust settings for greater control over the processing of their files. The service can be accessed through a web browser or through mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Auphonic offers both free and paid plans. The free plan allows users to process up to 2 hours of audio per month, while the paid plans offer more processing time and additional features such as batch processing and integration with third-party services like Dropbox and SoundCloud.

Overall, these AI tools can help sound engineers to save time and improve the quality of their work.

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