December 6, 2023
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Bella Ramsey lavished praise on Eurovision, saying that ‘nobody loves’ the singing competition more than she does.

Speaking during the contest’s Twitter section titled “Why you’re wrong about Eurovision with Bella Ramsey.”

The Game of Thrones star answered to a user’s question regarding the significance of Eurovision.

“The point,” she went on. “is unbridled joy, deep happiness, meeting your coworkers the next day and discussing why you chose Finland over Sweden.” We’re listening to music from diverse civilizations. It’s called education. That is the whole point.”

In response to one of the comments regarding Eurovision being “overrated,” she defended, saying, “Eurovision has over 160 million TV viewers, and this comment received only one like.” Just a thought.”

On the “Why do you listen to Eurovision artists?” question, The Last of Us star also sung competition winner Abba’s 1974 classic Waterloo.

Furthermore, the 19-year-old expressed his displeasure in a tweet that stated Eurovision “isn’t a serious competition.”

On Saturday, May 13, the Eurovision 2023 finale will be held in Liverpool.

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