September 27, 2023
Arnold Schwarzenegger offers advise to the ambitious in a new docuseries trailer.

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In the teaser for his Netflix docuseries, Arnold Schwarzenegger advises ambitious people to “dream it, go for it, make it happen, and make it happen now.”

The Netflix biopic ‘Arnold’ tells the story of the action star’s life and career in three parts, including his bodybuilding days, Hollywood fame, and his time as governor of California.

The official synopsis of the documentary series reads:

“This three part documentary series chronicles Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey from the countryside of Austria to the highest echelons of the American dream. In a series of candid interviews Schwarzenegger, his friends, foes, co-stars and observers cover everything from his days pumping iron to his triumphs in Hollywood, his time governing the state of California and both the joys and turbulence of his family life in a tale that matches his larger-than-life persona.”

Another highlight of the documentary series is a quote that reflects the Terminator actor’s core belief system: “If you’re always hungry, you’re never really satisfied,” Schwarzenegger says.

The documentary is set to be released on June 7, after the May 25 premiere of Schwarzenegger’s debut TV series, the action-comedy FUBAR on Netflix.

Meanwhile, more Schwarzenegger films have been available on Netflix, including Conan the Barbarian, Twins, and The Last Action Hero.

‘Arnold’ is directed by Lesley Chilcott, and executive producers include Allen Hughes, Peter Nelson, Lesley Chilcott, Paul Wachter, and Doug Pray.

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