December 4, 2023
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Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently dished out his productive morning fitness routine.

While speaking at the Town & CountryPhilanthropy Summit on November 2, via The Independent, the Terminator star revealed his focus is on “doing a workout” as soon as he wakes up.

“I feel good in the morning. I get up and I feed my animals, Lulu and Whiskey. I feed the dogs, then I go to the gym,” said the action star.

Arnold pointed out that his “morning at the gym are like a black-and-white movie” however, once he is home, it becomes a coloured movie”.

“It’s because you’re working out and having done something physical where you kind of really sweat and you train hard,” stated the 77-year-old. 

“It makes you feel good because you’ve not done something early in the morning,” he remarked.

Sharing his motto for morning routine with others, the True Lies actor explained, “The key thing is in the morning, do right away something”. He also detailed why he thinks it’s best to avoid thinking in the morning.”

“Don’t think when you get up because stupid stuff comes into your mind and negative stuff,” he continued.

While discussing about morning exercise benefits, Arnold added, “Just roll out a bed, get on your bike and start riding the bike and work out and do something physical.” 

“And then afterward you will feel much better about yourself and about the world, the way you look at the world and everything like that,” concluded the actor.

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