September 23, 2023
50 Cent discusses his'mistake' at the Super Bowl.

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50 Cent said that hanging upside-down during his Super Bowl performance was “a mistake.”

“I think that was a mistake for the Super Bowl,” the Power star stated in an interview with USA Today. Everyone else came in on time, the songs were well received, and they received the prize as well. They were all nominated for Emmys. They received the same thing I did, and I had to turn myself around.”

Previously, the Candy Shop rapper became a meme when he began his hit song In Da Club performance by hanging from the roof.

As a good sport, the 47-year-old posted a news piece based on his performance’s fat-shaming comments.

“I call this teasing me, They’re just teasing me because they know i can drop the weight. that’s why i laugh with them. Fat shaming only applies when your ashamed of your fat. LOL.”

In other news, the rapper vowed to expose the television industry on Instagram but quickly removed the post.

The US rapper recently stated on social media that if he could, he would expose the TV industry’s reality.

In the now-deleted post, he allegedly captioned a picture of FOX 5 News correspondent Lisa Evers saying, “This lady from Fox 5 News called asking if I would speak to her about my experience in television production.”

He concluded, “I said, ‘Like [about] real behind-the-scenes’…if she does this, the TV is going to go black.”

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